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Blog and Podcast

Podcast Episode 16 : Danni Pomplun’s Yoga Story

For our 16th episode, I had the pleasure to sit down with Danni Pomplum. Danni is a San Francisco Based Yoga teacher and Teacher Trainer that uses his life story and his love of the practice to change the world around him. I met him at one of his workshops, and we further connected online. He’s passionate in his purpose and generous with his self and his teachings. On top of classes, workshops, retreats and YTT, he also host his own podcast, and was featured in Vice Magazine and in the book When to Jump. I’ve been wanting to have him on the show for a long time, so I can let you guys discover who he is and why he teaches. Listen to the episode here : Thank you so much for listening and being

Podcast Episode 15 : Living The Sutras

For our 15th episode, I had the pleasure to sit down with Kelly DiNardo and Amy Pearce-Hayden. Kelly and Amy are the co-authors of an amazing book called Living the Sutras - A guide to Yoga wisdom beyond the mat. It "offers a modern, accessible and personal look at the ancient yogic philosophy and wisdom found in The Yoga Sutras". Even before the book was out, it was on my reading list and I pre-ordered it. I was so excited to dig in the Sutra from another perspective, and when I saw how simply it was presented and that it came with exercises to apply it to your daily life, I really wanted to sit down with the authors to talk about it! Listen to the podcast here : Thank you so much for list

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