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Blog and Podcast

Podcast Episode 20 : Teen Mindfulness Circle

For our 20th episode, I had the pleasure to sit down with Mark Stefanski and 3 teens : Adrian, Sophie and Olivia. Mark is a certified instructor for the Mindful School Program, a high school Biology teacher and the Coordinator of this Teen Mindfulness Circle. The program is based on activities developed by Mindful Schools, which are pioneers in youth mindfulness education. The Circle is co-led by teens that are experienced in Mindfulness instruction. I met with Mark and 6 teens once a week throughout fall. Together, we did mindful movements and meditations, and we connected to our breath. I offered tools to connect and live with our emotions and reduce our stress. I was amazed by their sel

Podcast Episode 19 : Kids Yoga and the Bambini Yoga Project

For our 19th episode, I had the pleasure to sit down with Jessica Cox. Jessica is an Athleta Ambassador with me and we met thru the brand ambassadorship program. As soon as she talked about her non-profit, I was amazed by her passion and drive and I was really curious to know more about her work with the Bambini Yoga Project so I invited her on the podcast so we can talk about it, and so you guys can discover what it is, why it matters and eventually maybe so you can support this project as well! Before we get to today’s episode, I first wanted to take a minute to wish you a happy new year. As we start this new year the podcast also celebrates its first birthday so from the bottom of my hea

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