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The Place of Yoga in Healing with Melissa McLaughlin

For our 33rd episode, I sat down with Melissa McLaughlin. Melissa is yoga and meditation teacher here in the Bay Area, but also has a background of Personal training, so her classes are grounded in exercise science and anatomy. She has experienced many different challenges and used yoga as part of her healing process. We recently sat down to talk about life and I was amazed by her journey so I thought it would be interesting to sit down and talk about it on the podcast. 5 BIGGEST TAKEAWAYS OF THIS EPISODE 1. Healing is a recognition of your own wholeness. You're not doing yoga to make yourself more perfect. You're doing yoga to realize that you are already perfect and whole, as you are. 2. Y

Pre and Postnatal Yoga and the Secret Magic of Your Pelvic Floor with Jane Austin

For our 32nd episode, I sat down with Jane Austin. Since Jane is San Francisco based pre and post natal yoga teacher, I’ve never personally taken class with her, but I’ve heard numbers of fellow teachers raving about her, her classes and her trainings. When I saw she was also leading workshops on the pelvic floor, I thought we could make a great episode that anybody could relate to, mom to be or not. 5 BIGGEST TAKEAWAYS OF THIS EPISODE 1. Yoga gives you an opportunity to shift form all the external chatter (from what people think you should be doing) to the internal experience. When you understand that what you're experiencing is true for you, you can learn how to trust yourself. 2. When you

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