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Blog and Podcast

Yoga and the 5 Senses with Michele Klink

For our 35th episode, I sat down with Michele Klink. Michele was one of my mentors throughout my first teacher training. She supported me in my growth as a new teacher, and I was always inspired by her passion and dedication for teaching. I have been amazed with how she weaves in philosophical, energetic and spiritual context in her classes, and when I saw that she was offering a workshop on Yoga and the 5 senses, I thought that would be the perfect opportunity to have her on the show as a guest. 5 BIGGEST TAKE AWAY FROM THIS EPISODE 1. The senses are the window to the world we see. Over stimulation of the senses create a fatigue that dulls our senses and therefore our view of the outside wo

Real Love, Mindfulness and Loving Kindness with Sharon Salzberg

For our 34th episode, I sat down with Sharon Salzberg. Sharon is a world renowned meditation teacher. We’ve never met in person but I follow her work. I listen to her podcast, The Metta Hour and I’ve been reading her book Real Love, The Art of Mindful Connection. Although the book has been out for a while now, love has always been a difficult concept for me to fully grasp and this book was full of ah-ha moments, of explanations and ways of putting things I could really relate to. It gave me hope and tools for the future, so I thought it would be a great subject for us to tackle today. 5 BIGGEST TAKEAWAYS OF THIS EPISODE 1. Love is not a feeling it's an ability we all have to connect deeply t

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