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Blog and Podcast

Intro to Pranayama (Breath work) with Richard Rosen

For our 41st episode, I sat down with Richard Rosen. Richard a renowned yoga teacher and the author of five books on yoga. He trained in Iyengar Yoga in San Francisco, and has been teaching for more that 30 years. He, Clare Finn, and Rodney Yee founded the Piedmont Yoga Studio (now called "Nest Yoga") in Oakland in 1987. He is a contributing editor of the Yoga Journal and president of the Yoga Dana Foundation. He has written hundreds of reviews of yoga books and videos for magazines including Yoga Journal, and has given workshops in countries all around the world. Today we sat down to talk about the basic concepts around pranayama. Listen to the full episode here : 5 BIGGEST TAKE-AWAY FROM T

Yoga and your Self-Love Journey with Heather Reinhardt

For our 40th episode, I sat down with Heather Reinhardt. Heather is an author, speaker, producer, entrepreneur, yogi, and Yerba Mate addict. she created a lifestyle brand and product line called Amour De Soi™, which includes Affirmation Candles™ and Self-Love Jewelry. Her debut book, Go Love Yourself, was released in Spring 2019 and she’s now working on a four-part book series that’s currently being adapted for television called Past Life Husbands. Today we sat down to talk about self-love and the journey through it. Listen tot he full episode here: 5 BIGGEST TAKE-AWAY FROM THIS EPISODE 1- Yoga impacts your self-love journey because it shows you who you are. The mat is a mirror for your ent

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