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Yoga, Meditation and Your Money

For our 45th episode, I sat down with Manny Weintraub. Manny specializes in explaining investing to people who haven’t seriously considered it before. As an avid meditation and yoga enthusiast, he looks beyond Wall Street’s conventional wisdom and focuses on mindful investing. During his 30-year career as a Chartered Financial Analyst, Manny has looked after hundreds of clients and managed more than 1.5 billion dollars. Listen to the full episode here : 5 BIGGEST TAKE-AWAY FROM THIS EPISODE Mindfulness helps you make clear decision about your money, stay out of the fear business, take action without over worrying and be less reactive to the market. Stay grounded in the present to make your m

Yoga and Sanskrit

For our 44th episode, I sat down with Nicolai Bachman. Nicolai holds an M.A. in Eastern Philosophy, an M.S. in Nutrition. He has studied extensively at the American Sanskrit Institute, the Ayurvedic Institute, the American Institute of Vedic Studies and the Vedic Chant Center. Nicolai has been teaching Sanskrit, chanting, yoga philosophy and Ayurveda since 1994. He has authored several books on Sanskrit and Yoga Philosophy. Today, we sat down to talk about the importance of Sanskrit within the yoga tradition. Listen to the full episode here : 5 BIGGEST TAKE-AWAY FROM THIS EPISODE 1- To go deep in yoga you have to start learning Sanskrit. You have to include something more than posture. Not o

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