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Yoga competitions and staying connected to your life’s purpose.

For our 47th episode, I sat down with Henry Winslow. Henry is a dedicated yoga practitioner whose teaching is rooted in the Ghosh, Ashtanga, and Dharma Yoga traditions. In 2018, Henry took first place in the International Yoga Sport Federation's World Championships, and started to host his own podcast called Dharma Talk and in 2019, he launched the Henry Yoga app, a 40-day program for anyone looking to get serious about yoga, no matter their budget or schedule. Listen to the full episode here : 5 BIGGEST TAKE-AWAY FROM THIS EPISODE 1- The competition is about your mind vs your deeper sens of self. It's not about pinning yogis against each others. 2- Never place limitation on yourself based o

Chakras 101

For our 46th episode, I sat down with Anodea Judith. Anodea is the director of Sacred Centers a teaching organization for yoga, psychology, and transformational wisdom. She holds a doctoral degree in Human Health, a Master’s in Psychology, is an E-RYT 500 yoga teacher. She is considered the foremost Western writer on the subject of the chakra system, with several best-selling books, including the classics Wheels of Life and Eastern Body-Western Mind. She teaches world-wide and is considered the go-to authority on the chakra system. Listen to the full episode here : 5 BIGGEST TAKE-AWAY FROM THIS EPISODE 1- The chakras are centers of organisation for the reception, assimilation, storage and ex

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