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Sacred Acoustics - The Power of Binaural Beats for Meditation and Life

For this episode I sat down with Karen Newell. Karen is the co-founder of Sacred Acoustics and co-author with Dr. Eben Alexander of the book Living in a Mindful Universe :A Neurosurgeon’s Journey into the Heart of Consciousness. As an innovator in the emerging field of brainwave entrainment audio meditation, she empowers others in their journeys of self-discovery. Creating and recording binaural beats and other sound patterns, she teaches how to connect to inner guidance, achieve inspiration, improve wellness and develop intuition. Listen to the full episode here: MY 5 BIGGEST TAKE-AWAY FROM THIS EPISODE: 1- Delta brain waves are associated with deep sleep, Theta are associated with deep med

Meditation 101, with Bex Urban

For our 54th episode, I sat down with Rebecca Urban. Rebecca, known in yoga circles as "Bex," has led Yoga and Pilates classes since 2000. As a child, Bex was introduced to many spiritual teachers and practices, igniting a thirst for spiritual insight and physical well being that has inspired her all of her life. Her father introduced her to meditation at age 4, by 6 she was visiting the Insight Meditation Society, Massachusetts. In 1983, Ram Dass came to her family home to gather with a group of psychologists about a book he was writing. At 12, Bex had the honor of meeting the Dalai Lama and presenting him with a rose. Since 2003, Bex has worked one-on-one with clients in her own private sp

PREMIUM Episode: My Life Story

This episode is part of our PREMIUM subscription. To get access to it, visit Patreon.com/onandoffyourmat and become a member. In today's episode, I go over pretty my whole life story from birth to now. I’m talking really openly about my struggles with anxiety, depression, eating disorder, and chronic illness, and i finish by sharing my hopes for the future. Know that as you become a PREMIUM member, Your contribution ripples to thousands of people every month, allowing me to offer accessible quality free content to a wide community of yogis, helping cover production costs and simply helping me continue to offer this podcast. I truly appreciate you. You get one new exclusive episode a month,

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