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Blog and Podcast

Self-Mastery, with Eva Beronius

Do you ever long for a deeper understanding of yourself that leads to transformation? If so, this episode is for you. I sat down with Eva Beronius. Eva is the founder of Self Mastery and Beyond and the highly praised online meditation course Beyond the Mind. Her own journey has included transforming a state of PTSD and anxiety with symptoms like panic attacks, depression and trust-issues into a thriving life and peaceful mind. She has experience with various techniques in trauma therapy and personal growth as well as a spiritual foundation in the Toltec tradition. She is passionate about how we can access change by bypassing the rational mind. Listen to the full episode here: MY 5 BIGGEST T

Instagram, Nomadic teaching, and tips for students, with Adell Bridges

For this episode, I sat down with Adell Bridges. Adell is a yoga teacher who has travelled the world to share her love of yoga. Her background as a gymnast plays a meaningful role in the playful and creative style of her teaching, which she intertwines with pranayama, yoga philosophy, and anatomy to take the physical practice into a journey of inner awareness and acceptance. Adell trained in India before teaching in Asia, Europe, Central and North America, sharing her own yoga journey in hopes of inspiring and serving others in theirs. Listen to the full episode here: MY 5 BIGGEST TAKEAWAYS FROM THIS EPISODE: 1- Let your why lead your presence online. Know what is your intention and own who

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