I’ve recently gone through the certification to be a Yoga Tune Up® Teacher! I’ve been practicing their methods on myself for years and I can officially share them with you now! To do so, I’ve prepared a 3 days workshop (get more details and register here!) to unwind tension, build strength, and balance your body from head to toe. I know some of you have never heard of Yoga Tune Up® Therapy before so I’ve decided to introduce it to you!

Read what I have to say about it ↓ or watch this video but the founder of Yoga Tune Up® →

So what is Yoga Tune Up®?

Yoga Tune Up® is a fitness therapy based on the 3 P : pain, posture and performance. The goal is the erase pain, improve posture and increase performance in yoga and other sports.

It also helps prevent and heal injuries faster by healing damaged muscles, by increasing strength and establishing healthy movement patterns.

Those modifications to your habits will enhance your breathing, help you destress and empower yourself with self-care tools.

Sounds amazing right?!

So how do we do all that?!

Through a blend of self-massage, corrective exercise, and yoga, Yoga Tune Up® Therapy teaches you about your anatomy and how the body works. As you recognize what muscles you overuse, underused or misuse, you learn tools to correct your habitual patterns, to use muscles probably and to release tension.

We use a variety of Yoga Tune Up® Therapy balls, that are specially designed high grip rubber balls, to self-massage trigger points on the body and penetrate through layers of skin and muscles to massage deeply into your high tension areas. We also do strengthening exercises using other props like blankets, blocks, straps and the wall, to find out how to properly use the muscles and we put it all together with some yoga poses!

Your experience of a simple pose like a Forward Fold or Downward Facing Dog will be completely transformed.

See for yourself an example of quick sequence to relieve back pain :

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