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Hey there! It's been a while. I just relaunched my website and to celebrate I thought I would treat you to a giveaway!

I'm sure you've heard about Kris Carr and her many books on diet, cancer, health and meditation. Today I wanted to talk to you about one in particular : Crazy, Sexy, Diet. I stumbled upon that book about 5 years ago as I was desperately looking for help with my health. From all the self-help resources I found, this book made the biggest impact on my life. In the last 5 years, I changed my life radically and everything started with that book.

Crazy Sexy Diet (New York Times best-seller, #1 Amazon Best-seller) will teach you everything you need to know about plant-based nutrition. It’s my manual for healthy living. I’ve taken all the education I’ve gathered over the years and tucked it into one handy-dandy book. Crazy Sexy Diet will show you how to make healthy deposits into your energy bank account, rather than the constant withdrawals that are all too common on the standard American diet (which is now becoming a global diet). - Kris Carr

I've been wanting to talk about health in general. I have had my struggles and I wanted to share with you things that had help. From there, I reached out to Kris Carr and her team and ask if they would donate a copy of that book to you guys! So keep on reading to learn how to enter this giveaway! :D

First, a little bit about my story...

After years of suffering in silence for no apparent reason, I was diagnosed with Endometriosis Stage 4 and Frozen Pelvis. Endometriosis is a very common illness among North American women touching 1 in 10, and worldwide with more than 175M women affected. Even with the estimated annual cost of endometriosis nationally rising up to 2.8B$, there's very little research on it and no known cure. The only solutions offered are hormonal treatments, recurrent surgeries, and pain killers. The chronic pain can be paralyzing and life altering. If you want to read more about endometriosis, click here.

This was me 5 years ago and me today :

Apart from the obvious weight loss, I was so sick back then, I couldn't work full time anymore, I was depressed, overwhelmed and out of options. I just had surgery, which wasn't successful, hormonal therapy was slowing the progression of the disease but wasn't effective enough to make a big difference day-to-day. The only thing traditional medicine was offering me were strong pain killers, for the rest of my life. And that idea made me want to throw up. Even on my wedding day, I was miserable from the pain (although I was hiding it, mostly).

We moved away and I was sicker than ever. I sat for days at the computer, crying and reading the saddest stories of women and endometriosis. It felt like there's was no way out. After that needed self-pity party, my husband convinced me to look into diet as a treatment for the pain. Since I had no other options, and nothing to loose, I decided to give it a go.

Then, I saw a video of Kris Carr telling her story and how with diet, she stooped her stage 4 cancer progression, and I thought to myself, if that works for cancer it might work for me too! And it did. My diet and life style had nourished the disease for more than a decade so I knew it would take a while before I would see results. I was patient and strong. After 3 months, almost day for day, the symptoms totally subsided. I kept this diet for 5 years, and just recently I've started reintroducing certain things I had taken out.

Here are the general concepts of the Crazy Sexy Diet :

  • Whole foods (least transformed, shortest list of ingredients)

  • Plant-based (Vegetarian or Vegan, but also no transformed vegan or vegetarian foods)

  • Add alkaline food (aiming for 60-80%)

  • Gluten-Free (at least no processed wheat)

  • Low Sugar (very little sugar, definitely no processed sugars, low index glycemic fruits and veggies)

  • No alcohol

  • No coffee

A couple quick side notes before we finish. They're was 2 things in their recommendations, I didn't follow; one, they suggested a low fat-diet. I did reverse, a lot of healthy fat; two, they use tofu as a meat replacement, which for hormonal issues, is not recommended, so I skipped it. Also, 5 years ago, Paleo and Keto we're not really mainstream yet. Some studies now show the great impact of those 2 diets. I have been exploring paleo, keto and fasting in the last couple months, and I will eventually write an article about that... but in those 3 cases, sugar intake is a center piece of the equation. So what ever variation on diet you choose to go with, my first recommendation would be to cut sugar, in turn you will automatically eat more plant-based, less wheat products, no alcohol, etc...

It might seem extreme at first, but reading thru the book, I was convinced. And once you get the hang of it, it's fairly easy to keep it up. If you're not ready to make long term changes, consider her 21 day challenge. Since it is less extreme than keto, it can be a great stepping stone.

The book itself, although based on some scientific evidences, is easy and fun to read. Kris has a great sense of humor and invites all shorts of other specialists to join the conversation. Many important themes are covered, including PH, inflammation, gut, self-care routines, supplements and much more. With the 21 day challenge, there's also many recipes in the book to help you get started.

Now if you're interested, here's how you could win your copy! For every item listed below, you get 1 or 2 chances to win. And you can repeat more than once (just not in the same 24 hours time frame). Comment, visit, follow, share and possibly win! The contest will end in 1 month!

Crazy Sexy Diet Book Giveaway

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