Podcast Episode 2 - What your intuition telling you?

For our second episode, I had the chance to meet with Hillary Skibell to chat about Intuition. Hillary has been a mentor for me and I decided to start a podcast in a workshop she offered on Intuition.

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Hillary is a well-loved Yoga Teacher and Transformational Coach. She studied at the Academy of Intuition Medicine and is known for her inspiring and soulful teaching that connects students to the deeper pulse and flow of life. Her integrative approach, Breathing Room, blends the practices of business mentoring, intuitive guidance, and lifestyle design. It is her passion to support students and clients in remembering their radiant nature as they create a life that reflects the power, purpose, and vibrancy of their soul.

Want to know more about our guest, connect or work with her? Check these links!

Hillary's Website : Breathing Room

Her upcoming retreat in Maui

Her upcoming business of yoga workshop

IG: @hillaryskibell

QUESTIONS WE ANSWERED on this episode:

How would you define what is intuition? (1:40)

What's the difference between Intuition, gut feeling and instinct? (4:11)

How do we learn to listen to our intuition? (6:25)

If we want to cultivate your intuition, where do we start? (11:50)

Does having a positive mindset help you tap in your intuition? (15:58)

Can we trust our intuition all the time? (17:04)

What do you say to someone that thinks intuition is just a lucky guess? (18:53)

How do I learn to trust my intuition more? (21:22)

How much weight do you give to other people's opinions? (22:40)

Any other suggestions of what we can do? (26:04)

Why do all that? (27:34)


Want to continue down the intuition road? Here are a few reading suggestions:

  • Intuition Medicine(TM) The Science of Energy by Francesca McCartney, Ph. D.

  • Your 3 Best Super Powers , Meditation, Imagination, Intuition by Sonia Choquett

  • Practical Intuition: How to Harness the Power of Your Instinct and Make It Work for You by Laura Day

Rather play with cards? Check the decks by Collette Baron-Reid

Want guided meditations on intuition? Check the following apps : Calm, Headspace and Insight Timer.


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*Edited and mixed by Alexandre Saba

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