Podcast Episode 5 - Meditation and Emotional Bandwidth

For our 5th episode, I had the pleasure to sit down with Emily Leahy. Emily teaches meditation and other tools to help people feel more grounded and empowered while they reach their fullest potential. Together, we talked about the role of sacredness, rituals and meditation to stay grounded, regulate and increase your emotional bandwidth.

Listen to the podcast here :

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Emily Leahy, owner of Return to Sacred, is a certified healer, teacher, guide in an authentic mystery school. She is passionate about individual empowerment for collective impact.

Emily supports leaders who want to create change in the world by navigating their own healing journey. She specializes in grounding techniques and tools to shift out of hustle mentality; doing less and holding more to live your worth.

In addition, Emily leads monthly events for empaths in San Francisco to master boundaries and energetic sensitivities.

Find out more about Emily and her work :

Her website : www.returntosacred.com

Social Media :

IG: @returntosacred

FB: www.facebook.com/returntosacred

QUESTIONS WE ANSWERED on this episode:

How would you describe what you do? (1:23)

How did you get into it? (2:44)

What are people looking for when they come to you? (3:48)

Your website and your handle is Return to Sacred. What sacred means to you ? What is sacred to you? (6:20)

Do you encourage people to find what is sacred to them? (8:08)

Is that where meditation comes in? Is meditation a tool to get to know yourself? (10:44)

Can you give an example? What does this type of meditation look like? (11:56)

How does meditation or other tools to get grounded can help you? (14:41)

Once you have a meditation practice, what are the next steps? (18:55)

Do you give guidelines when you suggest journaling as a tool? (20:25)

As someone of service, how do you take care of yourself? (26:36)

How important is it to learn to soothe ourselves when we get overwhelmed? (29:47)


Mystery School

*Edited and mixed by Alexandre Saba

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