Podcast Episode 8 : Buti Yoga and Women Empowerment with Bizzie Gold

For our 8th episode, I had the pleasure to sit down with Bizzie Gold. Bizzie is a Personal Development Expert and Serial Entrepreneur. From yoga teacher to past life regression therapist, with 5 successful brands, she helps people transform to create their best life. She also consults with individuals and companies to build heart-centered successful businesses.

Although we’ve never met, I discovered her thru Buti Yoga as she’s the founder and creator. You might have heard of Buti, it’s a blend of tribal dance and primal movements, plyometrics, and vinyasa-style yoga. After one of my first tries, I wanted to do the teacher training. I wanted to sit down with her to talk about Buti Yoga and Women Empowerment in general.

One last thing before we start, we had a little bit of issues with connection and sound quality, I apologize in advance, and I hope you can hear everything she says.

Thank you so much for listening and being part of our eighth episode! We have other great guests lined up for you so make sure to subscribe to the podcast where ever you listen!

Talking about a community just like Buti made of strong women who empower each other, this episode is supported by Athleta. As always, I really appreciate your support. So as you leave a review on iTunes or on you're iPhone podcast app, you automatically enter a giveaway. For this episode, Athleta is giving out a 75$ shop card!

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One of the world's top Personal Development + Wellness Experts, Bizzie Gold has appeared on The Dr. Oz Show, TODAY, E!, EXTRA, Home & Family, Bethenny, ABC NEWS and MSNBC to discuss her unique approach to sustainable transformation that has garnered widespread Hollywood praise (past clients include Julia Roberts + Jennifer Love Hewitt, among others).

Gold's off-the-cuff humor and focus on diligent accountability, helps clients achieve striking breakthroughs in record time. An industry disruptor to the core, Gold is bulldozing the model of "coaching" that financially preys on countless people across the globe, replacing it with a sustainable model that puts the clients swift breakthrough at the forefront of all sessions.

In addition to her groundbreaking work in personal development, Gold is a serial entrepreneur with 5 global brands held by her successful Buti Inc. parent company. In addition to her consulting work with male and female-led brands, she works passionately to help women expand their presence in c-suite positions and access funding from private equity.

Find out more about Bizzie here :

www.bizziegold.com or on Instagram @bizziegold

About Buti here :

www.butiyoga.com or @butiyoga

About Break Method :

www.breakmethod.com @breakmethod

www.bmvmnt.com @bmvmnt

Or Reach out to her at info@bizziegold.com


  • How did overcoming the challenges in your life and learning from adversity make you who you are today and what you strive for?

  • How do you think healing and empowerment are correlated?

  • Buti means “a cure that is hidden or kept secret”,what do you hope people undercover? What’s hidden/kept secret? And how is Buti helping people to do that?

  • What make the Buti community so different? How did you create a space that’s about connection instead of competition?

  • Body Love is a subject that seems to pops up quite often in your work. What has been your relationship to your body and how did it influence you?

  • You’re a successful entrepreneur, what does it means for you to grow a heart-centered business? Any tips for women out there that struggle to connect their inner tycoon to their heart?

  • I’ve heard you say many times, you don’t have to suffer through life, what are the most common limiting beliefs clients have that bring them suffering?

  • What’s the biggest lesson begin a mother taught you?

  • If there’s one thing you want people to take away from this conversation, what would it be?

*Edited and mixed by Alexandre Saba

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