Podcast Episode 17 : Using Yogic Philosophy to Suffer Less.

For our 17th episode, I had the pleasure to sit down with Susannah Freedman. Susannah is a San Francisco Based Yoga teacher and Teacher Trainer that has a deep knowledge of Yogic philosophy, and a Masters in Philosophy & Religion. I met her on Instagram and we became friends. I follow and love everything she does, and a few months ago, she published her first e-book called Suffer Less, Using Yogic Principles to Live a More peaceful Life. I got it right away. I mean, who doesn’t want to suffer less? Once I red it and saw how accessible and interesting it was, I reached out to Susannah, to invite her on the podcast!

Listen to the episode here :

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Susannah teaches a rigorous style of Vinyasa yoga with a strong emphasis on breath, sensation of the subtle body and classical yoga philosophy. She helps people find refuge inside their own bodies and believes that as a global community we need to find a way to understand the concept that, as her teacher Stephanie Snyder says, we are different but not separate. Aside from her 500 E-RYT, Susannah also received her Masters in Philosophy & Religion in 2014.

Susannah currently leads yoga retreats around the world and teaches private, public, and corporate classes all over the San Francisco Bay Area. She is a Legacy Ambassador for Lululemon, has taught at Wanderlust Festival, and is core faculty at the Love Story Yoga Teacher Training in San Francisco.

Find out more about her here :



  • Can you tell us a bit about yourself and your yoga journey? I know it’s a pretty interesting one!

  • Why did you decide to write a book on suffering? Can you share what in your life has caused you suffering?

  • Why did you decide to use yogic principles to talk about suffering?

  • How important are the traditional yogic texts for you? What is your favorite one and why?

  • Can you walk us through The Yoga Sutra's Take on Suffering? What is suffering and what are the causes according to Patanjali?

  • How is it different than the description in the Bhagavad-Gita?

  • So in a nutshell, how do we ease suffering? Because we can’t totally get rid of it, yes? It’s actually inevitable?

  • How do you avoid future suffering?

  • How was the process of writing this book for you? Why did you choose to include exercises?

  • What’s next for you? Any other projects brewing you can share with us?

*Edited and mixed by Alexandre Saba

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