Patreon Exclusive Episode 1 & 2 : Get to know me & Loving-Kindness Meditation

You love and want to support On & Off Your Mat Podcast? You want to become a VIP member and receive exclusive content? Become a Patreon today and have access the first episode Get to know me and the newest episode: a guided Loving Kindness Meditation. Click this button :

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You want to know about mt fears , my challenges about teaching, my favorite books, how I chose to specialize myself in my studies, how I got into yoga in the first place and so much more? Become a Patreon and get your hands on our first Exclusive Episode Get to Know me :


You want to experiment with meditation but are not sure where to start? Give Loving-Kindness a try! It's one of my favorite kinds of meditation. Did you listen to Episode 34 with Sharon Salzberg? We talked about it quite a bit.

This month, you'll also getting an other extra gift!

I recorded my latest podcast episode Forrest Yoga with Ana Forrest and Jose Calarco on video chat! Want to watch instead of listen? Want to get the full episode unedited? Become a member!

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