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February 28, 2018

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Yoga, Meditation and Your Money

January 21, 2020


For our 45th episode, I sat down with Manny Weintraub. Manny specializes in explaining investing to people who haven’t seriously considered it before. As an avid meditation and yoga enthusiast, he looks beyond Wall Street’s conventional wisdom and focuses on mindful investing. During his 30-year career as a Chartered Financial Analyst, Manny has looked after hundreds of clients and managed more than 1.5 billion dollars. 


Listen to the full episode here : 





  • Mindfulness helps you make clear decision about your money, stay out of the fear business, take action without over worrying and be less reactive to the market.

  • Stay grounded in the present to make your money decisions. Base yourself on how things are now and not how they might be in the future, or they were in the past. 

  • Don't wait for the perfect market to invest. Do the best you can with what's available. Let go of your desire of perfection. Doing something with your money is better than doing nothing.

  • Money is a energy exchange. Having money allows you to take care of yourself so you can give more to others. It then creates more choices in your life. With more money, you can have a greater impact on your community.

  • Focus on the individual sectors or individual stocks to invest in companies that align with your values, and don't forget to chose a company that is profitable and offers a service that will still be needed in 10 years.












  • Can you tell us a little bit about yourself including your yoga and meditation journey?

  • What’s the link between mindfulness, meditation, yoga, and investments?

  • What’s the fundamental lesson meditation has taught you about money & investing?

  • Is doing something with your money always better than doing nothing?

  • How do we shift our money mindset away from having to chose between making money and living a spiritual life.

  • If we do want to invest, how do create a portfolio inline in your values?

  • How do you know that your financial ad visor has your best interest at heart?

  • How do you use the mindfulness and meditation to help support clients in their money concerns?

  • Any tips for listeners? Where do we start if we do want to invest?

  • If we want to invest in a company/stock that offers a high return on investment and has a beneficial impact globally, where do we start? How do we find them and know that they are in fact profitable?

  • What are some common misconceptions around investing?

  • Any tips about taking loss?





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Manny Weintraub specializes in explaining investing (in plain English) to people who haven’t seriously considered it. As an avid meditation and yoga enthusiast, Manny looks beyond Wall Street’s conventional wisdom.


During his 30-year career as a Chartered Financial Analyst, Manny has looked after hundreds of clients and managed more than 1.5 billion dollars. His unique approach focuses on mindful investing, retirement. He credits yoga with getting him through the 2008 financial crisis and wants to teach you how to eliminate the stress of making your money decisions.

** Edited and mastered by Alexandre Saba

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