Hello! When we meet in person and you hear my strange but oh charming accent, you might wonder where I’m from. I was born and raised in Montreal, Canada and I speak French. And that, is the magic part of the equation! After living in Europe for a while, I moved to Northern California in early 2015.


I grew up uncomfortable in my body, not liking sport and for the most part inactive, but the first time I went to a yoga class, I was hooked. Everything changed. Other sports made me feel inadequate and self-conscious. With yoga, I was getting a workout where I felt (thanks to my teachers) that my lack of ability didn’t matter, but I did. Slowly, I gained strength and flexibility and without realizing, the confidence I was gaining was translating into my life off the mat. Yoga also taught me self-acceptance, which I had always lacked. Gradually, my thoughts were shifting.


With time, yoga helped me recover from an eating disorder, find self-love and true happiness. I now teach hoping to guide my students get healthy and strong while shifting their thoughts to find the same. Whether it's in my group classes, workshops, retreats or in a private setting, the yogic set of mind is important for me.

I've also suffered from chronic pain and it helped direct my studies. Since my initial YTT, I've focused on anatomy, injury prevention/recovery and down regulation. I've become a Yoga Tune Up® instructor and I've been studying Neurokinetic Therapy®, so I could better help private clients.

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